Differences in social premiums in case of a leaver or in December

  • Modified on: Mon, 23 Dec, 2019 at 4:24 PM

In the last periodic salary calculation per year (in December) or upon termination of employment (if the end date is entered), Celery calculates the premiums actually owed on an annual basis and these premiums are 'settled'. In doing so, Celery takes into account the premium base salaries on annual basis, but then applied on the basis of the number of months in service. Too much deducted premiums are returned and too few calculated premiums will be deducted. This prevents fiscal assessments for both employers and employees.

If there are such differences in social premiums, this message is displayed in the Checklist above the calculation during Processing. The user thus knows that the premiums may show a (small) deviation if the premium amounts are checked and recalculated.

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