The language of my salary journal and general ledger codes do not change if I switch the language, why not?

  • Modified on: Mon, 22 Jul, 2019 at 10:52 AM

The general ledger codes, but for example also the names of the payment schedules, in each new payroll/employer are generated in the language chosen while creating this new employer. If the account language is set on English and you choose the option 'Same as Account' on top in the screen below, the general ledger codes will be generated in English. 

If afterwards the account language or the language in a certain employer is changed, the language of the salary journal and general ledger will remain the same and will not change.

This is caused by the fact that in the meantime general ledger codes and names might have been changed. Or new general ledger codes can be created or added by users in the meantime. In that case you do not want these changed names or new GL accounts to be changed because you switch to another language.

If however you do want to change the general ledger codes into another language, you will have to translate and replace the names of the GL accounts yourself in Employer/General ledger codes.

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