HRM - holidays: Set up and link public holidays

  • Modified on: Fri, 24 Dec, 2021 at 11:14 AM
Always set up all your leave arrangements first.  After creating a new leave plan, you will need to link all proprietary and official holidays to this new plan as well. 

Here you select the public holidays and you can also create your own holidays. You can link these days to the time-off policies. If an employee then requests time off for a specific period, Celery itself calculates the number of hours time-off taken, taking into account these holidays that will not be deducted from the balance.

Setting up public holidays

Go to Employer / HRM / Holidays and choose add Public Holiday

The holidays shown are employer specific and looks at the employer's entered tax country. Choose the desired year and select all or some holidays and press save.

Then select all holidays and press assign.

Next, select all of your leave arrangements and press assign. If you have previously linked that year, choose replace. 

All linked leave schemes will now take into account linked holidays.

By selecting the Push to future years option, you indicate that your holidays should be linked to the same time-off policies for future years as well.

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