HRM - additional - Time-for-time TVT (time back) policy

  • Modified on: Thu, 15 Apr, 2021 at 3:28 PM

Go to [Employer] / [HRM] / [Time-Off policies]

Choose [+ Add] Time-Off Policies

Choose “Vacation time”

Fill the screen as follows: (The name and description at your own discretion)

With 'Accrual method' you have to choose 'All time given at once'.

With 'Does the Timeback hours carry over' to the next Timeback year, YES must be chosen, unless that is not the case.

And 'Limit requests to balance' must be set to YES. This means that the employee can not request more timeback hours than actually saved/worked.

With 'integration with payroll processing' no link with the payroll has to be set. Otherwise, the TVT hours are included in the regular Holiday Regulation, which is not desirable.

The Manager or HR Manager can add extra and / or overtime hours to the TVT scheme by adjusting the balance with the 'pen' in the relevant Employee in Leave schemes.

The employee can apply for the specified hours as usual, due the dashboard.

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