HRM - additional - Arrangements for special leave (paid)

  • Modified on: Thu, 15 Apr, 2021 at 3:22 PM

Go to [Employer] / [HRM] / [Time-Off policies]

Choose [+ Add] Time-Off Policies

Choose “Vacation time”

Fill the screen as follows: (The name and description at your own discretion)

Accrual Method:

Choose  ‘Limited time”:                                

This choice is particularly intended for special leave arrangements. You can enter the number of maximum hours per case. Then it is not possible for employees to request more hours within this scheme than the maximum number of hours that have been entered.

For example, you can create an arrangement for every scheme within your company, so that there is control on the number of hours that have been taken up for that specific scheme.


For a move, it is agreed within your company that an employee may take up to 2 days of paid leave. You can specify these 2 days (16 hours) so that an employee does not record more than 16 hours.

If the employee specifies more than these 16 hours, a message is given to the employee that the maximum available time for the application is exceeded. If the employee wants to take longer leave, he / she can of course submit an application for a different type of leave arrangement.

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