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Before you can read the standard mutation sheet, you will first have to link this template in Celery. How you can do this, you can read in our solution how can I link a mutation sheet.

Note: If you are not using the default template but have created your own template, you must disable the default template within the links. There may be several own import templates, but when the standard Celery template is active, the import is always done according to this template. This gives an undesired result with your own import template. 


Go to tab process and (re)open the pay run.

Go to import. In this case the import sheet is named: Mutations

Select your file on your computer and open

the uploaded file is being checked..

If the file is checked you will come to step 3

If there are no points of interest, you can import.

If you do get attention points, you will have to abort this import, correct the errors in the sheet and start again. (Usually an error is caused by the fact that an employee is no longer employed or has not yet been reported as employed.

If there are no errors, you can click on close and all your mutations will have been entered!

If there are any errors, you probably forgot to save the corrections at step 3.

Remove incorrect import

If you want to discard all imported mutations in 1x because you have selected an incorrect month or old file, you can also do this in the current run and restart importing the correct month data. All mutations that you have entered manually will be kept in the salary run.

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