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What Celery means by contract status under the employement details

By this Celery means the status of the contract that the employee has during his employment. You enter this status in the employee / contract details tab. Celery has three types of contract status:


If an employee has a valid contract and salary is paid every period, this employee is active.

You can find these employees in the employees tab under active.


If an employee has a valid contract but is temporarily not working and not paid, you can put this employee inactive. You can think about employees who go on sabatical, seasonal workers or employees who are paid per hour and who are not called up for a number of periods. You can set this for the employee under contract data by setting the slider for employee is active to no.


The result is that this employee becomes also inactive in the employee overview. Because there is no pay slip for this employee, it will not be invoiced either. Also for the module HRM, this employee will not be counted for billing when the integration is disabled .

Out of service

Only when the contract with the employee is definitively terminated, you can indicate that the employee is no longer employed. You can indicate this by setting the slider for no longer employed to yes under employee tab under contract details. You also indicate the last date on which the employee had a contract.


The result is that the date of last working day is entered on the pay slip and a correct final statement  for taxes and premiums is created for this employee. For this, you must add the number of days and hours to be paid in the month of leaving employment. You can find the employee under out of service in the employee overview.

We strongly advise against entering this date to keep an eye on the end of a temporary contract in order to prevent an employee from being wrongly paid. The module HRM is very suitable for this. There you can completely follow the path from date of entry till the date of last working day under job information. Also all history is displayed in the HRM module.

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