How to import employees

  • Modified on: Tue, 20 Jul, 2021 at 10:04 AM

 If you need to enter one or a number of employees, this can be done manually. How you can do this you can read in our solution about new employee. But when you are starting up or taking over a company, importing is many times faster. 

Create template:

Go to account next to your name and then to import & export tab

Go to import employees csv or excel import

Click on CSV or Excel as desired and download the sample file.

Fill the file with the data of the employees as per the example. Do not add or remove any columns and save the file so you can import it later.

Import template or export file other program:

All employees will be imported into the default payment schedule. In the employer / payment schedule tab, check that this is the correct schedule. Make sure the check mark is in the correct payment schedule.

Go to account next to your name and then to import & export tab

Go to import employee and select the appropriate choice: CSV, Excel or other program

You will then be asked to select the saved file. When you have pressed open the file will be read and made visible on the screen. 

Select all or some employees and press import. The employees are now imported. 

When all employees have been imported you get a summary of the import and the selected employees have been imported. 

It is not (yet) possible to import family, tax items and fixed pay codes & tax additions. Therefore please check the entered data carefully and supplement them if necessary.

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