How to export data from an employer

  • Modified on: Tue, 20 Jul, 2021 at 9:52 AM

For this option you need permissions as an account user.

Go to Account next to your name and choose tab import & export

Then go to export employer and select Celery export

If you follow the 2 steps you will choose the Celery export format to import an employer and its employees into another Celery account. The export file is a .zip file that you can directly import back in through the Celery import option. A Celery export includes all fixed data, but not historical data such as documents and processed runs.


After completing the 2 steps, you can download the export file and see an overview of the exported data. 

After downloading, the file is on your computer in the downloads folder and looks like this

You can also read this file back into Celery. How you can do this can be found in the Celery support under How to import employees. You find the manual here.

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