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Export journal from Celery that can be imported in my financial software package?

At the moment, Celery does have this option for the following bookkeeping packages: You can activate this option in Employer/Integrations/Accounting, ...

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About payment files


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How to export data from an employer

For this option you need permissions as an account user. Go to Account next to your name and choose tab import & export Then go to ex...

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How to copy data from one employer to another in Celery

In Celery there is no button to copy an employee or employer. What is possible is to create a Celery Export file of the employer and e.g. import employees...

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How does an employee receive a pay slip?

If the employee details include an email address for the employee, the employer can send the employee an email through Celery stating that the pay slip is r...

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Online filing of the digital summary wage sheet (Verzamelloonstaat, VZL)) does not succeed, how is that possible?

Did you maybe open the file before you uploaded it online? Opening these kind of files often changes the file after which you get the notification that erro...

Modified on: Thu, 30 Jan, 2020 at 7:56 AM

Can I send all my employees an invitation at the same time to register their Celery account?

Yes, you can.  1. Please select (all) the employees and above the list of employees a bulk-edit button will appear.  2. Open this bulk-edit option...

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Can Celery generate SVB / SZV Mutation forms automatically?

Yes, report C24 has been added in Curacao and S24 in St. Maarten payrolls in Celery. This report can be found in Celery in Reports / Periodic Reports. T...

Modified on: Wed, 25 Jan, 2017 at 9:11 AM

How do I generate the yearly digital CSV/XML summary wage sheet (Verzamelloonstaat, VZL) for the Tax Authorities?

Please go to Reports, Annual reports and choose report number 13. After that select the correct year and click on the button 'export' and choose...

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