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What is an account user

By an account user (over-all account) we mean a user who has access to all companies mentioned on your invoice.

In Celery, an unlimited number of users can be added as an account user free of charge.  For privacy reasons, we therefore recommend that employees never use each other's username.

Our tip: always use the employee's business e-mail address, never the private e-mail address. 

Only an account administrator can add/remove users. If there is only 1 user listed in the account, he will automatically receive the account manager function.

Other type of users

By a company user (employer account) we mean a user who has access to a specific employer from your account. If you are looking for that kind of user, we would like to refer you to the solution for company users.

By an employee user (employee account) we mean an employee who has access to his own data only. If you are looking how to create the employee as a user, we would like to refer you to the solution for employee account.

Add an account user

Go to account, next to your name and then choose users

By using the add button you can add a user.

After entering the e-mail address, you can indicate which rights the account user should have:

  1. Here you indicate whether the user can start and manage payroll processing. This is generally assigned to the employee (s) who process the salaries.
  2. If you want to send the user a message from Celery after completing a payroll process, you can indicate this here.
  3. This option is to give access for downloading and paying the periodic invoices from Celery by credit card (most quick and cheap option).
  4. As indicated above, only an account administrator could add new users and remove users. An account administrator could never delete himself. 
  5. When you use the HRM module, you can grant the user rights to perform all HR tasks through this slider. This user could see details of all employees but cannot change them.

Delete a account user

When an account user leaves service, it is important to also remove this user from the account.

First create the new account user, who will take over the tasks of the departing user.

Move the mouse over the user name of the user you want to delete. The following section appears on the right:

By clicking on the you can set the user to be deleted. Celery asks you to designate a replacement user.
This way, for example, an open wage run or HR tasks are transferred to the new user. After assigning you can click on delete to permanently delete the user. 

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