Account user add or remove

What is an account user By an account user (over-all account) we mean a user who has access to all companies mentioned on your invoice. In Celery, an unli...

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How to add/remove a company user

What is a company user By a company user we mean a user who has access to a certain employer from your account. In Celery an unlimited number of users can...

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Account user for HRM-features and tasks

A standard user must be created in Account/Users/Add. (this user can start and manage payrolls)

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New employer but use the same E-mail address

How to accept the invitation: You have received an invitation by E-mail from your new employer. This may have arrived in your junk mail folder. In this inv...

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Switching between multiple employers and / or accounts

In Celery, it is possible to have access to several employers and/or accounts with one email adress.  You can switch between the different employers by ...

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The company user with HRM-features and tasks

Celery Payroll Services Providers (PSP) must create this company user. More information about company users you can read in our solution for company users. ...

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How to add/remove an employee as user

 Under construction

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