What is the best way to link a part-time employee to a Work schedule in the HRM module?

  • Modified on: Mon, 25 Feb, 2019 at 6:56 PM

A Work schedule determines what a work week of a full-time employee looks like. These usually concern working days of 8 hours per day.

A part-timer concerns an employee who works on the basis of a fixed work schedule but does not work full-time. For example a working week of 4 days of 8 hours (80% part-time), or 5 days of 6 hours (75% part-time).

In any case, in the connected Time-off policy 'Apply part-time percentage' must be set to YES. In that case, the accrual of vacation days takes place on the basis of the full-time number of days times the part-time percentage. For example, an employee who works part-time 50% will also accrue 50% of the number of days off on a full-time basis.

The part-time percentage determines Celery when entering the salary on the basis of the number of working days per week and working hours per day. However, you can also adjust this percentage yourself.

If the working days of a part-time employee do concern 8 hours per day, you can simply connect this part-time employee to the Time-off policy to which all full-time employees are also connected. The accrual of vacation hours takes place on the basis of the part-time percentage and if this employee is going to take a vacation day, a working day or vacation day is set at 8 hours per day.

However, if the working days do not concern 8 hours per day, for example the above example of a working week of 5 days of 6 hours per day (30 hours per week), in that case it is advisable for this part-time employee to create a separate Time-off policy. with a work schedule set to 5 working days of 6 hours. In this Time-ff policy, 'Apply part-time percentage' must be set to NO. And if this employee then, for example, requests time-off for a period of one week, Celery knows exactly that a working day is 6 hours and a week is therefore a vacation period of 30 hours.

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